Pool Tile Repair. 

As an in-ground swimming pool ages, the ground around it begins to settle. This may cause minor cracks and shifts in the pool’s walls and beam, no matter how well constructed the pool is. As the pool settles, the mortar holding the swimming pool tiles may loosen as well, causing the tiles to pop off or crack. When this happens, you can repair pool tiles with simple tools you probably already have on hand. Finding matching swimming pool tiles may be the most difficult part of the project.

If you’re looking for a pool repair in Dallas County, Swyden’s Pool Repair has over thirty years’ experience. Whether it’s patching a section of defective plaster, fixing some broken tiles, or a complete pool replaster, we can handle smaller repair work and large commercial pool repair.

Save Money with Preventative Maintenance and the costs of pool repair in Irving and Dallas County drop significantly with someone who takes basic preventative maintenance and repairs.

Mastic. Replace mastic around your pool and spa.
Tiles. Replace broken tiles or coping pieces.
Coping. Reset loose coping without having to pay to replace.
Plaster. Patch small areas of defection plaster or pebble.
Steps. Fix cracks in steps of the pool or spa.
Plumbing Equipment. Replace copper plumbing at equipment.
Plumbing Lines. Replace cracked skimmers and leaking plumbing lines.
Concrete. Replace lifted sections of concrete.

Swyden’s Pool Repair is a premier pool repair and remodeling service. Our family-owned business has been serving local pool owners for more than 30 years. We perform every type of renovation, from basic pool resurfacing to complete redesigns of your pool and deck. When it is time to modernize your swimming area, our skilled technicians can make your dream pool a reality. With our Pool Tile Repair Service, we will inspect every inch of your pool and make the necessary repairs to replace missing grout or cracked tiles. You will be amazed by how much money you can save by having our technicians repair individual tiles and problem areas, instead of replacing all of the tile in and around your pool. And we are experts at color matching both the tile and the grout to maintain a consistent aesthetic appeal.

How to Repair Pool Tiles

Lower the water level of the pool below the damaged tiles. Dry the area surrounding the repair area for best results.
Remove any grout around cracked pool tiles, using a grout saw or abrasive blade.
Insert the flat edge of a chisel in the joint of the cracked tile. Tap the chisel with a hammer to break the tile’s bond with the mortar. Continue tapping with the hammer and chisel until you remove the entire damaged tile. Remove all loose/friable mortar in repair area. Repeat this process for any remaining cracked pool tiles.
Ensure all dust and loose material is removed and the substrate you are bonding to is structurally sound. Apply several thin beads (approximately 1/8″) of M-1 Sealant/Adhesive to the back side of a replacement tile. Press the tile into position. Move the tile back and forth ensuring the sealant is spread across the back of the tile. Take care to install the replacement tile so it is even with adjacent tiles. Remove any excess M-1 that has worked its way into the joint face with a dry rag or tool. Hold tiles in place until the tile is set. Repeat this process for all the tiles you are replacing.
Once the tile is set and the M-1 is cured, the mortar can be mixed & installed. Apply per instructions and allow to set.
Wipe the grout with a clean, damp sponge. Take care not to knock new grout out of the joints. Allow the grout to dry.
Wipe any haze that remains on the tiles from dried grout with a soft cloth. Remaining haze may be removed by, mixing equal parts vinegar and water and wiping repeatedly.

We can also perform complete tile installations. Our team will carefully remove and dispose of any non secure old tile, prep the surface area, and apply industrial-grade adhesive to the back of each individual new tile. With precision, each tile is then applied to the surface of the pool. This is repeated until the area is covered, and we then apply the grout. We take pride in our custom tile work, and you will be thrilled with what our craftsmen can do to enhance the appearance of your swimming pool.